Friday, August 14, 2009

Misc Pictures and Things!

Been weeks since my last post: wow...time flies! I have been so, so busy...and the next few weeks are going to even more crazy...and then grad school starts!

Here are some pics from LEAF (Lakewood Earth And Food) night (the CSA distribution that I volunteer/garden with) - I love LEAF night and will miss it so much once school starts!

Some some garden pictures, a few are from another gardener's plot (she has an amazing garden) - I am particularly glad I got the bumblebee in the flower!

Here's a picture of a morning dove in the tree outside my window - it hung out for a long time while I talked to it: 'Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird'...just like the tapes we'd play for our birds growing up. Same phrase said over and over again. We'd play the tapes when we left the house: there was: Pretty Bird, Hello; How are You, I Love You and more I either can't remember or am choosing on some level to forget!

Here's my cat Rebound - such a cute pic (I swear he's not a drunk! ha!):

Lastly a cute picture of Phoenix...