Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Thoughts...Right Now

People are strange.

In my every day life I see so many folks that are happy, good people...then the spectrum shifts to ungrateful, grumpy and often hostile (though they try to hide it) to just "blah" people (both of the latter set might too be "good people" but sometimes folks make it so hard to see...). Listen - I hate my job, I loathe a bunch of folks I have to work with but, you know what? I literally whistle when I work, I sing, I laugh...because I have a job and benefits and because life is so much easier when you choose to be happy. That's right can choose to be happy in the face of strife and the SOB that can be life. Many folks that know me don't know my "battles", my demons, my true past. It is far from sunshine and daydreams but you know what? Happiness is better: choose it.

I have friends on the far left, the far right and right where I am: vote with your dollars people: money rules. Sadly I believe that no matter where the country goes with our next presidential race, nothing will really change...nothing will truly get better (I've said it before, I'll say it again - don't gripe at me: I always vote!).

I am an educated woman (I have a Master's degree) yet it is beyond my comprehension why it's such an absurd idea that people in the highest tax bracket pay the same percentage of taxes as those in the middle to low tax ranges...forget the dollars people - we're talking percentages. It's not punishment to pay more - it's just fair. Why do the folks with the most money often get to pay a lower percentage? Why do folks who make the least often pay a higher percentage? Here's the bottom line - our country would crumble to the ground without the folks in the middle to lower tax brackets: that's a personal guarantee. 

And before you bitch at me here (I control the comments btw ;) or on FB, know that politics is too far a complex issue to discuss here so, let's not, 'kay?

Why do folks who make the most, real-world difference get paid the least? I'm talking cops, EMTs, firefighters, nurses, teachers, folks who work for non-profits (and that's to benefit humans...including disabled, children, elderly OR our furry friends) etc.- why is there no money in providing salvation? Don't get me wrong...I "get": it - I know where the money is, I know how it works, I just don't get it...

Why don't people do simple things like recycle, turn lights off when they leave a room , carpool, use mass-transit, walk or bicycle whenever possible?

I want a dog (and a pig and elephant and dolphin and chipmunk and a million other cute, fuzzy animals) but you know what? I can't actually provide them with appropriate, happy lives so, I choose not to have them at this time. Do the same. If you can't actually provide a good life for an animal, leave it for someone else...PLEASE! Know that animals get sick (I pay about $100/mo for my kidney failure kitty), animals need regular, medical check-ups, vaccinations and a lot of times they need special diets, prescription foods and meds. If you're living paycheck to paycheck a pet is not for you.

Once in a while: shut-up. Seriously...listen to the world, really listen to your friends, enjoy silence. Shut-up (I say this after my throat got dry from talking so much tonight! ha!).

Stop bitching...(see far above, see right above). I'm not saying to live in silence with your misery or suggesting you shouldn't be bitching to your friends about what needs to be griped about but least occasionally, be grateful.

Why can't we all have beautiful singing voices?

Thank the world for folks with beautiful singing's amazing how music can move folks.

Why do people who claim to "love animals" eat them? Being vegan for almost 8 years I truly struggle with this. If you love cats and dogs but eat cows and pigs and chickens and turkeys and fish and lamb (or even some of them) etc. - you don't love animals (even if you "love" how some of them taste [smart-ass]) - you love cats and dogs. Don't say you're an animal lover when you're truly not, 'kay? Here's another snippet - I very rarely bitch about people about what they eat but, it's my damn blog so...

I wish more folks could grow their own food.

I wish my dad could catch a break...once in his life, a real break. Not many folks know how it makes my heart sing to help him out when I can/do. No one I know could weather the storm of a life like his without breaking - there is no one quite like my father: no one.

You know what? Gay people are just people...just folks. I heard some ignorant comments recently about "them" marching and "getting in peoples' faces" and their "parades" etc. You know why they march? Remember a set of folks in our society called blacks? Yeah...they marched too - because they were stripped of basic, human liberties - to live and love freely. Look at us now. Look at civil rights photos and replace black folks with gay folks...same difference in a lot of respects...folks just trying to live and love as they choose. And that's all I have to say about that (right now).

I'm glad I live in a community where I can walk or bike to so many favorite places so easily.

I love that just about every day I get to see a friend or two...that's literal and makes me so, so happy.

I buy my friend's bad dog (shut-it JS - I heart him) shortbread cookies from Starbucks more often than I should.

I love thunder and lightening and storms in general and really wish I had a porch sometimes.

Someday I hope to find love and get married again...I really do (not that the first marriage had anything to do with love...). 

I know far too many "kids" that live at home at 20/30 something that are working, and/or not in school and/or aren't trying hard enough: you know what? GET OUT! Do yourselves and your parents/families a freakin' favor and move...Parents - kick 'em out! I was booted at 18 via an eviction letter from my dad (yes - still have the letter and yes, the dad I adore so much) and I lived paycheck to paycheck and on credit cards and on ramen noodles and mac and cheese and went up to debt to my eyeballs...and then I busted my back while working full-time (and sometimes part-time along with it) and going to school part to full time and still managed to volunteer and I saved and scrimped and I paid off all of my debts (think $20k+ people). I didn't file bankruptcy (not that sometimes that isn't totally warranted), I didn't default and settle my debts - I paid them off...just like I'm paying off $75k in student loans. It stinks now but someday I hope it gives me a life more in-line with were I want to be. Bottom line: I am more responsible and more grateful for all that I have than anyone whose been given the bulk of what they have (including a roof over their heads when they should have moved on!).

OK - I have to start getting ready for bed, it's 11:30 and I walk 3.75 miles starting at 5:30am!

Good night people...look at your life in a new light and be happy. Choose to be happy.