Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ahh...My Blog!

Hello Blog...I have missed you much! FaceBook has been taking up a lot of my computer time though...

Am a bit less busy than usual for a few weeks: gardening started, intense 6-week session for school, being outside, being outside! Riding my bike, running...started a few races (5Ks, 10Ks [ok: one 10K!]) - the class should be a bit more intense than a normal class (lots of assignments) but nothing like the nightmare class I just finished (can you say group project? my god - there should not be group projects in school...'cause only 3 of 5 of us really worked and it was VERY frustrating/unfair...).

Here's a reminder to all: please, please watch out for folks riding their bikes - I was almost hit by a car today: ended up falling (!gulp!) for the first time since grade school I'd guess - look at my poor, ouchy leg:

Could have been much worse but man-o-man does it hurt! My lower leg is all scratched up, swollen/big lump and burn-e-owe!

Of course, to stay on track I had to go plant some seeds in the garden today:
These pics are the first night after weeding, adding leaf humus: so beautiful!

Today I planted: green beans, yellow wax beans, beets, cantaloupe, cuccumbers, winter/acorn squash, and black beauty squash/zucchini - these are from seed. I've never tried beets ('cause I just discovered my love for them last year! mmm, mmm) roast 'em with some salt and pepper then eat 'em (hot or cold) with some sea salt and balsamic vinegar: delicious! I've never tried cantaloupe (and haven't seen anyone try it at the gardens either) but I figured: what the hell, right? And I love: love cantaloupe so if it works: lovely! If it doesn't work I'll plant more beets and/or beans!

Hooray for outside and running and bike riding (though I could do without the driver's that don't pay attention!) and gardening and leaf humus and planting seeds and: hooray!