Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Random Thoughts!

More tomatoes, green beans and peppers tonight: hooray!

Do I buy? Do I buy? Do I buy? (a house that is…) Geez – it tears at me a bit…I just can’t see it…but I can’t see passing up the opportunity either…or giving up the great situation I have now…I’m not buying. School is starting in less than a month, I don’t want to shovel snow and I don’t have enough furniture. I’m not buying…I have to put this idea to rest…and rest my mind (assured) that it is not time for me now.

Loved my walk this evening…walked down by the dog park (here we go again…) – makes me want a dog. This one doesn’t tear at me so much; I know I simply don’t have time to dedicate to a dog right now…walked to Starbucks, hit the garden…lovely!

Am so disappointed I never got a picture of that tree (see previous random thoughts) – city workers cut it down! I will never understand why…and I am so mad at myself for not figuring out how to get a picture of it.

Washed some green beans that I am going to freeze tonight. This one is hard: love the green beans – hard not to eat them all!

Seriously – if I won the lottery it would solve so many of my problems! People should hope for me to win! I’m the kind of person who would give away SO MUCH of it – to people I know, to charities, to my family/friends…those of you who know me know – I am very generous: that wouldn’t change.

Seriously…could ‘Field Roast’ products be any better? YUM!

I really like supporting ‘The Bin’…it sucks that they are SO much more expensive than Whole Foods though…average of $4.75 more per jar of vitamins…and my Field Roast “sausages” are $2.50 cheaper for four!

Meeting my goal for not taking a picture of every, single thing I pick from the garden! Have been taking pictures of all the “batches” of bounty though! Ha!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Thoughts: Garden and (and finally!): More!

OK – so the gypsy peppers…yeah they produce a lot: a lot.

Am I ready to go back to school? I need to stimulate my brain…often it feels like it’s melting out of my ears…I love this freedom…I so don’t like my job (ok – there are some goods things about my job [like security!] but man-o-man I am so bored, never challenged [you know; besides being challenged not to kill people…]), I hate the future it presents me without further education…I need something more…I just never imagined myself with a Master’s in Education…maybe it’ll be the first of several Master’s…some day a PhD…if CSU ever gets an interesting PhD program that is!

Why doesn’t everyone exercise…even a little?

People suck (well…lots of people suck).

How can intelligent, basically well-rounded people:
1) eat meat?
2) eat dairy?
3) not recycle?
4) not read food labels?
5) use toxic chemicals to clean: themselves, their homes…and their children?
6) not buy local, organically grown foods?
***god…I never should have started this train off thought: I’m getting off this train before I get pissed!

I am SO sick of cleaning up hairballs.

I want a dog…so much; so much! I just can’t…no time, not fair for me, the kitties or a dog…but I really want one…

I don’t care that I spent $2,000 on my vacuum – nothing beats a Kirby – AND that was over 11 years ago!

Fences don’t keep bunnies out of garden plots: pics attached – too funny! Then I spent 15 minutes trying to get the bunny to release him/her until I thought it all through and realized he/she jumped in there…they could certainly jump out (see what I mean about brain-melting: crap!)!

**Notice that the bunny is inside the fence! Ha!

I have so many cukes growing…and not so much with the zucchini plants…lots of dead flowers…apparently not getting pollinated…but I see so many bees up there…damn.

Humid – humid, humid…just finished dishes: sweaty. Doesn’t help that I’m on the 4th floor and not using a/c…hot.

I am peeling. Stupid getting sunburned at the garden last Sunday.

Kind of can’t believe I didn’t go on a bike ride today…hmm…

Buy a house? Condo? Townhouse? Don’t buy? Geez…such an opportunity…just can’t see myself owning right now…not enough furniture, don’t want to have to take care of everything…kind of feel like an ass for not taking advantage of the situation but my god…do you know how much work owning a house is? Lots…

I like being busy – boredom kills.

I totally don’t understand folks who can play video/computer games for hours on end: life folks: lies outside the computer/ t.v. screen!

So glad I tried ‘Treehuggers Café’ in Berea Friday with Marla – yum!

Not a whole lot beats a Sat 8a.m. Pilates class – really! Love my spinning with Jill just as much!

I still think my dad is the best dad ever.

OK – after midnight, not tired at all (don’t know why)…man-o-man…

Thursday, July 23, 2009


OK...that may be a little dramatic!

Seriously though...Sunday - had stuff going/growing.
Had some green beans, a few edamame pods - you know.

TODAY - green beans galore! Yum - one of my favorite things!
And I don't have 9 soybean pods...I have like 900!

Grabbed a few grande chili peppers and some jalapenos too. And those little tabasco peppers are coming right along!
Gypsy peppers need another day or two (then I'll have like 9; literally).
Three more 'maters going red (totally shared the tomato from the other day: so gross. Yuck. The chicks at work were totally digging it: calling it 'perfect' and 'great' etc. I tried very hard to like it but...not so much: must learn how to can!

Taking good stuff away from the garden makes it a whole lot easier to work on it too! I fully intended on not working in the garden tonight but was so motivated that I spent well over an hour weeding and laying more paper and mulch...I got so muddy-dirty-gross...thank god there's a hose there!

Here are some pics (of course!):

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So many things!

It's so nice to be able to pick and eat things from my garden (finally)!

Delicious! OK - if I had to be honest I did slice a few pieces too thin and they got soggy (of course - why wouldn't that happen with my first ever zucchini from my garden?)...ugh.

My Tabasco Peppers are finally sprouting up all over - this should be a beautiful plant: I'm so excited!

Here are some: Bell, Grande Chili, Jalapenos and Gyspy Peppers (finally got to try these - very good: light, sweet taste!):

Got to pick/share my first tomato too! I am just not a fan of tomatoes (I only like them in salsas, sauces and in soups and chili - and even then they have to be pulverized: tomatoes: yuck! [oh god...hope I didn't just jinx my plants - I really do want them to grow!]):

I've been eating (and sharing) some green beans!

I also finally have soybean pods growing! Hooray!

And - get this: tiny little cuccumbers! Could they be any cuter? I just love them!

Also got some much needed help from my dad with some tomato-cage-rigging-systems! Looks so impressive, totally takes care of the fact that we have loads of rocks in our plots and some things don't get grounded enough to be sturdy on their own (and the plants were quickly outgrowing them as well) - also rigged the cuccumbers up in some cool, triangular shaped cages as well (thanks dad!):

AND...did hours of weeding/tending to Sunday as well. You can probably see some of the newspapers and mulch in the much tim weeding and trimming weeds and laying newspapers and mulch (under plants and on the paper) - here's what's left to be used:

So much more work to do! I must admit: it's a little easier when you get to take goods away every time you visit!

Monday, July 13, 2009

You know you're a garden geek if:

The only thing you're posting about is your freakin' gardens!
Nothing more profound than worms, compost, seedlings, and the garden - yikes!
Garden deviations will be forth coming (swear) the meantime: check this out!

Bell Peppers!

Jalapenos: (got to pick two today!)

Gypsy Peppers: (have never had 'em but they came highly recommended [not hot])

Grande Chili Peppers:

Tabasco Peppers: (finally have flowers! they're the hottest I'm growing...have been waiting for those flowers for weeks now!)

I have beans!

Zucchini: (apparently these will be out of hand [volume] to pick my first one [ever!] tonight!)

'Maters: (just a few pics...)

Cuccumbers: (ok flowers: do something!)

AND: (drumroll please... the 'mound that mocks me' might just be growing [after the dump of 25 seeds...])

Now - these last pics are just funny. These are not mine: in another plot at the community garden. This gardener certainly has high hopes for those little 'mater plants: don't you think? Funny...