Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So many things!

It's so nice to be able to pick and eat things from my garden (finally)!

Delicious! OK - if I had to be honest I did slice a few pieces too thin and they got soggy (of course - why wouldn't that happen with my first ever zucchini from my garden?)...ugh.

My Tabasco Peppers are finally sprouting up all over - this should be a beautiful plant: I'm so excited!

Here are some: Bell, Grande Chili, Jalapenos and Gyspy Peppers (finally got to try these - very good: light, sweet taste!):

Got to pick/share my first tomato too! I am just not a fan of tomatoes (I only like them in salsas, sauces and in soups and chili - and even then they have to be pulverized: tomatoes: yuck! [oh god...hope I didn't just jinx my plants - I really do want them to grow!]):

I've been eating (and sharing) some green beans!

I also finally have soybean pods growing! Hooray!

And - get this: tiny little cuccumbers! Could they be any cuter? I just love them!

Also got some much needed help from my dad with some tomato-cage-rigging-systems! Looks so impressive, totally takes care of the fact that we have loads of rocks in our plots and some things don't get grounded enough to be sturdy on their own (and the plants were quickly outgrowing them as well) - also rigged the cuccumbers up in some cool, triangular shaped cages as well (thanks dad!):

AND...did hours of weeding/tending to Sunday as well. You can probably see some of the newspapers and mulch in the aisles...so much tim weeding and trimming weeds and laying newspapers and mulch (under plants and on the paper) - here's what's left to be used:

So much more work to do! I must admit: it's a little easier when you get to take goods away every time you visit!

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