Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Thoughts: Garden and (and finally!): More!

OK – so the gypsy peppers…yeah they produce a lot: a lot.

Am I ready to go back to school? I need to stimulate my brain…often it feels like it’s melting out of my ears…I love this freedom…I so don’t like my job (ok – there are some goods things about my job [like security!] but man-o-man I am so bored, never challenged [you know; besides being challenged not to kill people…]), I hate the future it presents me without further education…I need something more…I just never imagined myself with a Master’s in Education…maybe it’ll be the first of several Master’s…some day a PhD…if CSU ever gets an interesting PhD program that is!

Why doesn’t everyone exercise…even a little?

People suck (well…lots of people suck).

How can intelligent, basically well-rounded people:
1) eat meat?
2) eat dairy?
3) not recycle?
4) not read food labels?
5) use toxic chemicals to clean: themselves, their homes…and their children?
6) not buy local, organically grown foods?
***god…I never should have started this train off thought: I’m getting off this train before I get pissed!

I am SO sick of cleaning up hairballs.

I want a dog…so much; so much! I just can’t…no time, not fair for me, the kitties or a dog…but I really want one…

I don’t care that I spent $2,000 on my vacuum – nothing beats a Kirby – AND that was over 11 years ago!

Fences don’t keep bunnies out of garden plots: pics attached – too funny! Then I spent 15 minutes trying to get the bunny to release him/her until I thought it all through and realized he/she jumped in there…they could certainly jump out (see what I mean about brain-melting: crap!)!

**Notice that the bunny is inside the fence! Ha!

I have so many cukes growing…and not so much with the zucchini plants…lots of dead flowers…apparently not getting pollinated…but I see so many bees up there…damn.

Humid – humid, humid…just finished dishes: sweaty. Doesn’t help that I’m on the 4th floor and not using a/c…hot.

I am peeling. Stupid getting sunburned at the garden last Sunday.

Kind of can’t believe I didn’t go on a bike ride today…hmm…

Buy a house? Condo? Townhouse? Don’t buy? Geez…such an opportunity…just can’t see myself owning right now…not enough furniture, don’t want to have to take care of everything…kind of feel like an ass for not taking advantage of the situation but my god…do you know how much work owning a house is? Lots…

I like being busy – boredom kills.

I totally don’t understand folks who can play video/computer games for hours on end: life folks: lies outside the computer/ t.v. screen!

So glad I tried ‘Treehuggers Café’ in Berea Friday with Marla – yum!

Not a whole lot beats a Sat 8a.m. Pilates class – really! Love my spinning with Jill just as much!

I still think my dad is the best dad ever.

OK – after midnight, not tired at all (don’t know why)…man-o-man…