Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quote for Today

The harder you work, the harder the surrender
Vince Lombardi

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working Out and Such

As all of you who know me know - working out, staying in shape etc. - very important to me.

I started spinning in January; something I had long wanted to try and I am in love with it! Really.

I have worked out with personal trainers, I have a personal pilates trainer now (and do classes), I have do 'maintenance-type' classes (called "body sculpting") - have always done the elliptical etc. but spinning makes you focus on yourself and your body like nothing else.

You (if you have a good instructor) can push yourself to extremes and it's all about you, your body and your spin bike; it's great.

You have to stay focused (or else your ass will be on the ground - oh I can totally see someone falling off a spin bike! [and kind of want to]) so you're really in touch with your breathing, your core, where your mind is, how hard you want to kick your own ass, how much you want to get out of it: for yourself.

If you've wanted to try spinning and like me had just not; I totally recommend it. I love it, love it, love it. It's all about you and there are so few things out there...for just you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Maybe I should not have done spinning yesterday.
My left knee aches and aches and this leads to my ass being chapped.

There is a physical therapist in my spin class and she said a compression brace may help some but to not let this go too long without seeing a doc...

It hurts to walk, sit on my left leg (yes...I know I'm not supposed to anyway) - stairs: killer (doesn't help I live on the 4th floor [OK Lynne... 3rd and 1/2 floor] of my apt bldg)...damn.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


OK so I've been a little busy/irritated/distracted lately.
Haven't been a very good/dedicated "blogger". I figure some random thoughts are better than nothing at all...and they might make you laugh too.

From today:

Man my left knee really hurts.

How am I ever going to get a picture of that tree?

Is this the end of winter for this season?

I love mangoes.

How do you know when you’re generous enough?

I like what Obama’s talking about as far as teachers and education reform in this country: god knows we need it. We’re supposed to be the most powerful nation in the world… knowledge is power (as they say) and falling so far behind so many other nations’ on the education scale is scary.

Can I spin tonight: can I, can I? My knee really hurts…ok: is the question more: should I spin tonight??

I want a dog.

So glad I’m employed…and have my benefits…

I can’t believe our phones are still jacked up at the office.

I forgot to play Mega Millions last night: damn; now I’ll be convinced I missed my chance to win. Damn.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Thoughts 03/10/09

People are so freakin’ stupid and lazy.

Why don’t people understand the true meaning behind this quote/saying:
“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory” – Aldo Gucci

Did the phone guy figure it the hell out yesterday or no? GOD he was annoying…

I really want to take a picture of that tree.

My left shin/calf kind of hurts.

Why doesn’t everyone exercise? I mean seriously people: c’mon.

I want a new car.

I want a dog.

I wish I could win the lottery (I play and play and play): I’d share and share and share: I’m very generous…

How do people not check their emails everyday?

Clients can be so freakin’ annoying.

Men who don’t cry freak me out.

Why do people eat so much pre-packaged/prepared food? C’Mon! Bad for the budget and most often: bad for the environment and bad for your pocketbook!

OMG if I have to listen to that guy clear his throat one-more-time I may scream!

Monday, March 9, 2009

A few random thoughts from today...

I love this advertisement for Jim Beam:
“If you’re not satisfied send it back; we’ll drink it.”

Was the boy I saw dressed in black, walking alongside the valley this morning contemplating suicide?

How much worse is it all going to get?
Are people grateful: truly grateful for what they have?

Did I turn off my alarm clock this morning?

Will I ever make-up with my little sister?
Can we ever be friends again and not just sisters?

Will my garden grow this year? I’ll have two plots!

Why doesn’t the video ‘Circle in the Sand’ ever show a circle in the sand?

Why aren’t people more responsible with reducing, reusing, recycling?
Living green/greener is not hard…

People are so freakin’ stupid/lazy.

There is so much garbage along I77 it’s really disturbing.

Could this guy here for our phones talk anymore or be anymore obnoxious?

Knowing the difference between (and knowing how/when to use each): to, two and too and their, they’re and there should be a requirement for moving on – to high school (at least).


Why would people buy an American car right now? I know there are deals galore out there but: hello?? So they say Ford has a couple good/ok cars right now (the Focus and the Fusion?): so what? That company has no record of reliability; the cars are new models so you have no idea how long they’ll be “decent” if they even start out that way. UGH. My dad’s a union guy and “has” to buy American: get it. I have three uncles who have raised their families because of the American car companies (2 with Ford, 1 with GM): get it. I’m also over it. I’d love to buy American: truly. Until they come up with models that are as reliable (overall) as my cars (HONDAs!) and build a track record like them as well (low maintenance, mileage, resale etc.); I’ll be spending my money wisely (for me)…on Honda (or Acura or Toyota or Lexus…maybe even Subaru…)