Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working Out and Such

As all of you who know me know - working out, staying in shape etc. - very important to me.

I started spinning in January; something I had long wanted to try and I am in love with it! Really.

I have worked out with personal trainers, I have a personal pilates trainer now (and do classes), I have do 'maintenance-type' classes (called "body sculpting") - have always done the elliptical etc. but spinning makes you focus on yourself and your body like nothing else.

You (if you have a good instructor) can push yourself to extremes and it's all about you, your body and your spin bike; it's great.

You have to stay focused (or else your ass will be on the ground - oh I can totally see someone falling off a spin bike! [and kind of want to]) so you're really in touch with your breathing, your core, where your mind is, how hard you want to kick your own ass, how much you want to get out of it: for yourself.

If you've wanted to try spinning and like me had just not; I totally recommend it. I love it, love it, love it. It's all about you and there are so few things out there...for just you.

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