Friday, November 18, 2011

Holy Hell

It has been almost a year since I posted: how'd that happen?

Well...Let me tell you!

Spring 2011 I was going to school FT which included a 9hr/week practicum, I was working FT, took my comprehensive exam for my Master's, ran a 1/2 marathon with my little sister (that I basically trained for in less than 10hrs), I chaired the committee for a big fundraiser for one of the groups I volunteer with, my maternal grandmother died (on her 96th birthday no less), graduated, threw myself a graduation party (woo-hoo!) and still maintained board positions with two local charities...phew!

For the record I also ate, slept, shopped, cleaned, had fun, visited with friends and did other stuff!

Ha! I like to be busy...idle hands as they say!!

I hope to return to blogging soon so I can finally gripe! ha!

Here's the start:

Occupy Wall Street? Um...go home! Occupy a chair in front of a computer and realize you standing on WS is doing nothing except wasting taxpayer money. Get yourself educated and realize that $$ speaks. Research where your $$ is (banks, retirement etc.), research where you spend your $$ (Wal-Mart shopper much? hit up McDs for a coffee?) - your $$ and where you spend it has a much louder voice than you occupying WS and even more so than your vote I dare say - figure it out! Spend and save/place your $$ responsibly...that's how you hit the "1%" - jackasses (sorry - I'm supposedly in the 99% but let me tell you...I know $$ speaks and I have for a long, long time. I don't ever go to corporate bull-shit restaurants, I don't shop at Wal-Mart, I don't shop at Giant Eagle, I don't buy animal products [any], I don't support companies that make bleach and are all of a sudden 'going green" because it's trendy, I don't buy organics from companies that do it for income/pr purposes only.)
I take meds only when 110% necessary - get off drugs! Suck it up, get healthy and shut up about your migraines (had 'em), your restless leg syndrome and your flippin' anxiety (everyone has it: zip it on yours and deal...just like I deal with mine [and don't think because I don't have kids or a house I don't have issues....if you think that you know nothing about how I grew up, the responsibility I feel for helping others and who I actually in part support now] thing is - I don't let every-freakin'-thing, person, situation and circumstance overwhelm me: get some freakin' coping skills kids!) and your stupid muscle aches and "inflammation" - seriously...don't talk to me about pain. I was recently at a chronic level 8-9 of 10 pain level due to a re-herniation of a disk in my neck. I never missed work, I didn't miss meetings, I didn't take the offered sedation for the procedure (which is hugely painful), I sucked it up and did what was required and I moved on: try it!

Stop littering, stop making citizens and 1/2 bankrupt cities pay for extra police patrols (whether they're acting appropriately or not...) and just learn how to actually make a difference.

Oh - and don't pick a frickin' Saturday to change all your bank accounts to local banks and credit unions (which I'm all for) and overwhlem these folks...AND not realize what a process this is: doesn't happen in a day...unless you don't actually have any $$ and don't actually pay your bills: p.s. a lot of them are closed on Saturdays!

See - I am part of the 99%. I have about $75k in student loans right now. I own my 2003 Honda Civic, spent years to pay down nearly $25k in cc and other debt (marriage, divorce, being frickin' broke forever, financial assistance I offered others) but I've managed to wrangle and maintain a good job (over 15yrs now: think I don't want another job? think I went through all the schooling to have the same job today that I had 15 yrs ago? no - but I'm also not giving up proper employment and support until I have something else in place...) and I pay my bills, I take care of my 15+ yr old cat who has kidney failure and I still allocate funds every month to helps others.

OMG - I'd say don't get me started but...there I went! ha!

Gotta remember to blog more often!
p.s. I vote as a democrat so please try and refrain from giving me some demcratic, bull-shit line about Occupy WS ('kay?) - oh, also, I voted 'NO' on 2 (OHSB5) - but I do believe in pay for performance (don't get me wrong: my dad is union, three of my uncles are and I have no less than 15 friends/family members I can rattle off that are teachers and/or principles etc.): woo-hoo - just figured out my next blog rant!! hehe!