Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Garden Grows Stuff!

Seriously! Check out these pics from yesterday (Tues 06/23).
Recall that I was just at the garden Sat (06/20)!
I actually went to fertilize and water - just in time to fertilize!

Look at all the goodies!

Better get to that whole learning how to can, huh?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain Does Wonderful and Maddening Things!

Rain, rain - oh how you make my garden (and the weeds, the weeds!) grow!

I don't like weeding - some folks at the community garden actually never weed - I have to. Hate when I wait until days like today though...where it take 2 1/2 hours and you're still not done: ugh!

So impressed with how everything is going! The one cuccumber mound still mocks me (by not growing anything - even after like three or four tries). So - screw that stupid mound: I poured like 25 seeds in there today; what the hell, right? Grow damn you - GROW!

I could take tomato plants and leaves and rub them all over my hands and smell them all day - to me that is a true, true scent of summer: love it! I am working on training all my tomato plants up; poor things, some of them looked too crowded growing "up" a level in the cages...

I have not yet devised a plan for how to trellis all my beans (like 2 dozen [or so] plants), the zucchini and the cuccumbers but soon enough something is going to give and well...I have to get moving on that one!

Here are the latest pics!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Look How My Garden Grows!

Hadn't been to the garden since Tuesday for some reason and look what I found when I got there!
Holy Garden (zucchini!) Batman:


I have one cuccumber mound that continues to mock me: no clue why they won't grow. Seriously...I have planted seeds in there 3x now - all to no avail! I will probably try again...what else can I do, right? Well...I may just resort to a starter plant: we'll see.

The zucchini are going bonkers - it's great! The cilantro still looks fantastic, everything else is looking great: hooray!

I so need to weed and have no interest in doing it whatsoever...will probably go over Tuesday and take care of at least some of it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Un-Do, Re-Do: Garden Stuff

OK - Saturday I officially gave up on the corn and undid the spinach (it was over: I enjoyed so much of it and got to share a bunch too!).

I planted 6 new pepper plants, bought and transplanted a bunch of green onions and 'red marble' onions (mine from seed never took), replaced the corn with three celery plants and 9 edamame plants (hello - I LOVE soybeans!)

Take a look at the new digs as of Saturday; this is my plot with the zuccinin, cucumbers, green beans (all done from seed and thriving!) and the new celery and edamame:


Here's the plot with the new onion and pepper plants!

So exciting!

Here are some pics from tonight - OMG the zucchinis are really growing - everything looks great!

Heck - even my cilantro is looking good (and it's not an easy herb to grow/keep alive!):

So - things are going well.
A lot of my tomato plants have flowers...which means 1) they're doing well but 2) more plant murder to come (hate that...).

Hooray for gardens and watering and smelling dirt and just growing the veggies!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden Deviation

Just read this story...wanted to share it - to get the word sad/frustrating:

You'll have to copy/paste the link I think...I couldn't get this to insert this link...sorry: it is worth the read.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sprouts, seedlings and plant murder!

Oh My!
Friday I went to the park and mostly watched (though I did get an injury that bled) while my very gracious father put up fencing around one of my plots (didn't have enough for both - the other fencing should be in tomorrow; we'll repeat this Friday). I was disappointed though: no sprouts etc, - waiting on the greenbeans, onions, corn (what I thought was corn...was not!), zucchini and cucumber.

Went back yesterday (Sunday 05/31/09) and sprouts and stuff:


I went back tonight and garden weaseled my one plot (look how gorgeous!):

Not just the plot but look at my great fencing too! My dad even cut a little entrance! Hooray for fencing!

Look at these great pics of my beans:

Hooray for beans (I'm going to can beans too I decided!).

Corn is growing - though it is far more boring looking right know it just looks like grass for a while? Whatever:

THEN - I had to murder some of my poor-baby plants (ok - it's like letting the strong survive but - it still sucks!

**he-he! actually I saved them all - I had to do this 4x! And they're in water - waiting to see: maybe I can hand them off to someone if the roots keep going!

Lastly - my "plot neighbor" and now friend Diane has beautiful strawberry plants growing. I have now threatened her twice that I am going to pluck the beautiful little nuggets and eat 'em up if she doesn't soon - look how wonderful:

I want them!

So - that's the garden update. It's all very exciting to me - Can't wait to see how things progress.

Cheers today to a crisp breeze while you garden weasel (which is a task my friends!), to the noises of the neighborhood - birds, dogs, kids playing: that when you stop and listen - which happened to me today - (DH: if you tell me you saw this I'll know you "read all the words" ha!) I bent down to grab some spinach and I heard so much in the park it made me pause...just to listen, just for a spell, before I got on with my glad I heard...the pause.