Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain Does Wonderful and Maddening Things!

Rain, rain - oh how you make my garden (and the weeds, the weeds!) grow!

I don't like weeding - some folks at the community garden actually never weed - I have to. Hate when I wait until days like today though...where it take 2 1/2 hours and you're still not done: ugh!

So impressed with how everything is going! The one cuccumber mound still mocks me (by not growing anything - even after like three or four tries). So - screw that stupid mound: I poured like 25 seeds in there today; what the hell, right? Grow damn you - GROW!

I could take tomato plants and leaves and rub them all over my hands and smell them all day - to me that is a true, true scent of summer: love it! I am working on training all my tomato plants up; poor things, some of them looked too crowded growing "up" a level in the cages...

I have not yet devised a plan for how to trellis all my beans (like 2 dozen [or so] plants), the zucchini and the cuccumbers but soon enough something is going to give and well...I have to get moving on that one!

Here are the latest pics!

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