Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sprouts, seedlings and plant murder!

Oh My!
Friday I went to the park and mostly watched (though I did get an injury that bled) while my very gracious father put up fencing around one of my plots (didn't have enough for both - the other fencing should be in tomorrow; we'll repeat this Friday). I was disappointed though: no sprouts etc, - waiting on the greenbeans, onions, corn (what I thought was corn...was not!), zucchini and cucumber.

Went back yesterday (Sunday 05/31/09) and sprouts and stuff:


I went back tonight and garden weaseled my one plot (look how gorgeous!):

Not just the plot but look at my great fencing too! My dad even cut a little entrance! Hooray for fencing!

Look at these great pics of my beans:

Hooray for beans (I'm going to can beans too I decided!).

Corn is growing - though it is far more boring looking right now...you know it just looks like grass for a while? Whatever:

THEN - I had to murder some of my poor-baby plants (ok - it's like letting the strong survive but - it still sucks!

**he-he! actually I saved them all - I had to do this 4x! And they're in water - waiting to see: maybe I can hand them off to someone if the roots keep going!

Lastly - my "plot neighbor" and now friend Diane has beautiful strawberry plants growing. I have now threatened her twice that I am going to pluck the beautiful little nuggets and eat 'em up if she doesn't soon - look how wonderful:

I want them!

So - that's the garden update. It's all very exciting to me - Can't wait to see how things progress.

Cheers today to a crisp breeze while you garden weasel (which is a task my friends!), to the noises of the neighborhood - birds, dogs, kids playing: that when you stop and listen - which happened to me today - (DH: if you tell me you saw this I'll know you "read all the words" ha!) I bent down to grab some spinach and I heard so much in the park it made me pause...just to listen, just for a spell, before I got on with my tasks...so glad I heard...the pause.

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