Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Un-Do, Re-Do: Garden Stuff

OK - Saturday I officially gave up on the corn and undid the spinach (it was over: I enjoyed so much of it and got to share a bunch too!).

I planted 6 new pepper plants, bought and transplanted a bunch of green onions and 'red marble' onions (mine from seed never took), replaced the corn with three celery plants and 9 edamame plants (hello - I LOVE soybeans!)

Take a look at the new digs as of Saturday; this is my plot with the zuccinin, cucumbers, green beans (all done from seed and thriving!) and the new celery and edamame:


Here's the plot with the new onion and pepper plants!

So exciting!

Here are some pics from tonight - OMG the zucchinis are really growing - everything looks great!

Heck - even my cilantro is looking good (and it's not an easy herb to grow/keep alive!):

So - things are going well.
A lot of my tomato plants have flowers...which means 1) they're doing well but 2) more plant murder to come (hate that...).

Hooray for gardens and watering and smelling dirt and just growing the veggies!

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