Monday, June 14, 2010

Updates: Garden, Leg and Monday, Monday...

So, this is a few days off (though the pics are not - there were taken 14 days after the initial fall...)...I really think the scarring will be esthetician gave me vitamin C oil that I have been using religiously and let me tell you, it's reducing the redness and scarred-looking areas a lot!

and the garden continues to go. Disappointed: no cuccumbers and my beets don't seem to be taking too well - keep trying, right?

And so, these updates are a bit brief...see, it's Monday. I don't personally have anything against Monday's but today: today is a different day.

Today, I skipped spinning (which I love) to grab an x-ray of my leg because it still a structural-type hurt. And while it looks like it's healing it's just you know, 1.5 weeks later and well, COME ON! So - my right knee is "officially" sprained, I have cellulitis and the doctor told me to stop running (forever) because the x-rays shows oh-so-very-little space in my knee - almost bone on bone...I'll be following up with my ortho guy (Dr Vernon Patterson: love-love him!) to see what he says...but still...

Top it off with a visit to the vet with my 15 year old cat Rebound...he's been a little off lately so I just thought I'd see...and low and behold: beginning stages of kidney failure. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN...pills, powder and special food...he's totally worth it...

Screw this day though, you know?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quote for Today

"If you are thinking one year ahead, sow a seed. If you are thinking 10 years ahead, plant a tree. If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the people."
~Chinese poet, 500BC

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Week Later!

My lower leg still hurt(s) so much that I actually went to an urgent care center last night...just to see! Hey, my high deductible HSA plan is met/fully funded for the year so, why not, right?

Doc said it's healing just fine but will be weeks for the redness/bruising etc. to go away...that falls like mine are traumatic, give it time: blah-blah. I just needed some reassurance, you know? It's been about 20 years or so since I've had cuts, scrapes etc. like this...

In this same week I have sprouted: cataloupe, zucchini, acorn squash, green beans, yellow wax beans and beets!

Hooray for healing and growing and gardens...