Monday, June 14, 2010

Updates: Garden, Leg and Monday, Monday...

So, this is a few days off (though the pics are not - there were taken 14 days after the initial fall...)...I really think the scarring will be esthetician gave me vitamin C oil that I have been using religiously and let me tell you, it's reducing the redness and scarred-looking areas a lot!

and the garden continues to go. Disappointed: no cuccumbers and my beets don't seem to be taking too well - keep trying, right?

And so, these updates are a bit brief...see, it's Monday. I don't personally have anything against Monday's but today: today is a different day.

Today, I skipped spinning (which I love) to grab an x-ray of my leg because it still a structural-type hurt. And while it looks like it's healing it's just you know, 1.5 weeks later and well, COME ON! So - my right knee is "officially" sprained, I have cellulitis and the doctor told me to stop running (forever) because the x-rays shows oh-so-very-little space in my knee - almost bone on bone...I'll be following up with my ortho guy (Dr Vernon Patterson: love-love him!) to see what he says...but still...

Top it off with a visit to the vet with my 15 year old cat Rebound...he's been a little off lately so I just thought I'd see...and low and behold: beginning stages of kidney failure. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN...pills, powder and special food...he's totally worth it...

Screw this day though, you know?

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Jeneen said...

So .... I love spinning too and have not been in years - considering I have been pregnant for the last 2 years. I really miss it but do not see myself getting there anytime soon. I am having a really hard time finding time to workout these days.

I need to make it a priority but there are not enough hours in a day. This is one thing I mean in my blog entry today - I am losing who I am in a sense.

Sorry about your cat - that sucks. I had to put my dog down last summer and it sucked.

Hang in there - things will get better!