Sunday, July 4, 2010

Misc Items

So - my leg is finally way, way better (thank the gods!) - it's still painful at times and is actually stll visibly bruised - ortho said I have bone contusions; take about 6-8 weeks to heal...almost there!

My intense 6-week session at school finally ended too. Seemed that's all I was doing the last two weeks solid. Nothing very difficult...except finding the time to do everything!

My garden is doing so/so. After I put my starter plants in the ground (on Father's Day) - I kind of didn't make it back for like 9 days and you can tell! It wasn't just my absence though (friends helped me out with some watering) - the plants where I normally go weren't all that great looking this year...

Went back yesterday and got a few plants to add to the mix, spent hours cleaning in/around my plots, planting and watering and so things are looking better!

peppers! lots - i thing about 8 or 9 varieties!


****my plot - all from seed, less a little cypress plant that's been dying in my apartment and a fantastic tomato berry plant the garden center gave me for feeling bad about some on my other stuff not doing so well!

**cypress - is it dead or is it alive?

new tomato berry plant!

**and, what the heck is this? never seen a bug like this before...hmm: anyone know?