Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Stuffs!

My garden is finally starting to take off:

I forgot to take pics of my first few baskets of goodies: tomato berries and beans gallore! I also couldn't help but pull one beet...'cause I love 'em and well, I HAD to! My kitties were very interested as you can see!

Beans! (Had to fence 'em in - they were getting crazy!)

Cuccumbers - holy-moly there are a lot of flowers...looking forward to the fruit! Just started training 'em 'up' today.

Beets! Love!



Rebound checking it out:

My First beet (albeit a baby!) I couldn't help myself!

Phoenix checking it out:

And then there's Rebound...sometimes I can't help but focus on the fact that he may die any day now. I continue with prescription meds, powder and food and he seems fine. I am trying to be very aware of how's he's doing so I'm not keeping him alive for me...I want to weigh the quality vs. quantity of life with him, he deserves it...he's wonderful. Sometimes I just lay on the floor with him and cry...

And I wonder how Phoenix will be when Rebound is gone...they basically hate each other but I see her in sneaking moments enjoy him cleaning her head and playing...she has never been an "only" cat...

She's the blur...

And so I watch my garden grow and am stuck on the fact that one of my wonderful cats is dying and that so many other things: struggles and worries and my-god can't people catch a damn break: EVER are going on...and so must I...go on and continue to care about those I love...and I will.