Thursday, July 23, 2009


OK...that may be a little dramatic!

Seriously though...Sunday - had stuff going/growing.
Had some green beans, a few edamame pods - you know.

TODAY - green beans galore! Yum - one of my favorite things!
And I don't have 9 soybean pods...I have like 900!

Grabbed a few grande chili peppers and some jalapenos too. And those little tabasco peppers are coming right along!
Gypsy peppers need another day or two (then I'll have like 9; literally).
Three more 'maters going red (totally shared the tomato from the other day: so gross. Yuck. The chicks at work were totally digging it: calling it 'perfect' and 'great' etc. I tried very hard to like it but...not so much: must learn how to can!

Taking good stuff away from the garden makes it a whole lot easier to work on it too! I fully intended on not working in the garden tonight but was so motivated that I spent well over an hour weeding and laying more paper and mulch...I got so muddy-dirty-gross...thank god there's a hose there!

Here are some pics (of course!):

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