Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Random Thoughts!

More tomatoes, green beans and peppers tonight: hooray!

Do I buy? Do I buy? Do I buy? (a house that is…) Geez – it tears at me a bit…I just can’t see it…but I can’t see passing up the opportunity either…or giving up the great situation I have now…I’m not buying. School is starting in less than a month, I don’t want to shovel snow and I don’t have enough furniture. I’m not buying…I have to put this idea to rest…and rest my mind (assured) that it is not time for me now.

Loved my walk this evening…walked down by the dog park (here we go again…) – makes me want a dog. This one doesn’t tear at me so much; I know I simply don’t have time to dedicate to a dog right now…walked to Starbucks, hit the garden…lovely!

Am so disappointed I never got a picture of that tree (see previous random thoughts) – city workers cut it down! I will never understand why…and I am so mad at myself for not figuring out how to get a picture of it.

Washed some green beans that I am going to freeze tonight. This one is hard: love the green beans – hard not to eat them all!

Seriously – if I won the lottery it would solve so many of my problems! People should hope for me to win! I’m the kind of person who would give away SO MUCH of it – to people I know, to charities, to my family/friends…those of you who know me know – I am very generous: that wouldn’t change.

Seriously…could ‘Field Roast’ products be any better? YUM!

I really like supporting ‘The Bin’…it sucks that they are SO much more expensive than Whole Foods though…average of $4.75 more per jar of vitamins…and my Field Roast “sausages” are $2.50 cheaper for four!

Meeting my goal for not taking a picture of every, single thing I pick from the garden! Have been taking pictures of all the “batches” of bounty though! Ha!

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