Monday, July 13, 2009

You know you're a garden geek if:

The only thing you're posting about is your freakin' gardens!
Nothing more profound than worms, compost, seedlings, and the garden - yikes!
Garden deviations will be forth coming (swear) the meantime: check this out!

Bell Peppers!

Jalapenos: (got to pick two today!)

Gypsy Peppers: (have never had 'em but they came highly recommended [not hot])

Grande Chili Peppers:

Tabasco Peppers: (finally have flowers! they're the hottest I'm growing...have been waiting for those flowers for weeks now!)

I have beans!

Zucchini: (apparently these will be out of hand [volume] to pick my first one [ever!] tonight!)

'Maters: (just a few pics...)

Cuccumbers: (ok flowers: do something!)

AND: (drumroll please... the 'mound that mocks me' might just be growing [after the dump of 25 seeds...])

Now - these last pics are just funny. These are not mine: in another plot at the community garden. This gardener certainly has high hopes for those little 'mater plants: don't you think? Funny...

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