Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garden Stuff

Ugh - two 10 x 10 plots can actually be a bit to get started/get going.
I have one plot that is beautiful:

(I had planted spinach in it and now the spinach looks like spinach: hooray!):

and one plot that incessantly mocks me with grass and weeds. I work at it; week after week but there is so much mud still and you can't pull and toss weeds and grass with all the mud or you lose a ton of soil! Last week I resorted to pulling up weeds and grass and laying it back in the plot to hopefully "dry out" so I can knock the dirt off and keep it in my plot: seriously; there is that much and it's still raining just about every day.

Then there's this: bought a grow lamp (what am I: a 20 year old pot grower? totally felt like that at Home Depot last weekend - ha!) for my poor baby starter plants. Every time I take them outside to try and "harden them" they take days to recover. I had them all set up under the lamp Sat

and my little cat Phoenix stretched all the way out from the table to the step ladder I had them set up on (2 more cm and this never would have happened; so much for thinking I had spaced it out enough!) and she ate the tops of three of my bell pepper plants: I was ready to kill her. I have been working so hard on keeping these starter plants alive and well and she munched 3 of the 12 healthiest: UGH (no pictures of that carnage yet).

Anyway - even with these set backs and irritations: hooray for gardens and outside and actually listening to the wind (which I did Sat; all alone in the park, surrounded by gardens and goodness - it was lovely) and sun and plants (and even little cats that eat the tops of plants!).

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