Saturday, January 2, 2010

lack of posting...

Went back to school last fall! Working on my Master's in Community Health Education (actually it'll be an M.ed/CHE) exciting and stimulating and promising (yes, already!)! Forgot how much I love to learn!

Herniated a disk in my neck early November and that has been challenging, to say the least. Physical therapy, being uncomfortable or in pain (all the time), got Shingles from taking Prednisone (yes - at 33!), thankfully caught it early and really only felt the Shingles the first night (thank surely would have put me over the edge!) - back to Ortho 01/08/10 and we'll see. Had really wanted this resolved before my new semester had largely ruined my holidays and break from school...

Miss you blog: I'll be back more often!

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The warrior in me said...

Learning IS fun!

Great that you caught the shingles early. I had a nasty bout of chickenpox during my second year of college just coz my dad had shingles he never realized he had.

Hope you're healing well! And happy learning!