Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Right?

Random thoughts:

What right do I have to:
get frustrated?
feel sad?
be pissed?


there is:
clear-cutting of rain forests
starvation (and people: it's right around the corner)
senseless murder (is there any other kind?)
people who don't recycle
people who don't pay attention to who they give their money to (money is power - shop responsibly!)
people who drive SUVs (and they don't have kids, work equipment, large dogs, band equipment etc. - i.e. the need to drive one) - just to drive themselves around
the push for off-shore drilling: HELLO???!!! this doesn't promote the advancement of clean energy: research, utilization, promotion etc. (keep in mind - any new drilling for oil will take years to produce results. in years - we better have a better answer!)
an endangered animal list
people who eat meat (ha!)
bankruptcy, foreclosure, medical bills, lack of medical insurance, lack of job security, jobs moved out of the states (and the: is this a necessary evil question? i mean if all the jobs stayed here and we had to pay American wages [and benefits] could Americans continue to afford the services/products? - don't hate me - i'm just thinking out loud)
hunting for sport
things like: pedophilia, kidnapping, abuse
bad parents
bad pet owners
neglect/abuse of the elderly
identify theft
forest fires
home invasions

the list goes on and on and frankly i'm already depressed by what i've written!
you all know what i mean - it's all about perspective!

i have a good job with good benefits
a great family
great friends
***i am not by any means: alone
i can pay my rent, pay my bills and buy clothes (within reason) when i need them
i can afford to go out to dinner sometimes
i have a car, an education (both of which i'm still paying for: key thing is: i can pay for them)
i have a roof over my head, food in the 'fridge
i can read, write, vote, work, volunteer: not everyone can say that
i can visit a doctor, get new eyeglasses, see a physical therapist, maintain my gym membership and go to Pilates every week
***i am not - by any means: strapped

sometimes i need to put it all into perspective
it's corny but it really isn't about what you want, what you don't have - it's truly more about what you do have and most importantly - what you have to give

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