Monday, November 10, 2008

An Historic Time

Anyone who knows me knows that I was and am a "Hilary" girl: loved her, love her - can't wait for her turn...

I have not been excited about Obama for president. For me he was (of course) better than McCain and he had Biden on his ticket (my favorite person of anyone on the tickets). I think Obama is ok. I think he'll do well as president. I think this being an historic time is more important to me.

I am amazed and so proud of our country for having elected an African American as president. I thought for certain the first real African American presidential candidate would have been Colin Powell (ok - he screwed that all up speaking to the UN about Iraq and WMD [when most of the world thought he knew better and just didn't speak up/stand his ground and not speak...]) - I actually really like him. He too is impressive - not just because he's a black man and has become so successful but because of where he's come from, his fight, his endurance, intelligence etc. - simply because of the man he is.

That being said...

To me the fact that race was an issue or a topic of discussion (ever) in 2008 was of great disappointment to me: aren't we over it yet? Will we ever be?
Here's a link to Obama's great 'Race' speech. If you haven't heard it - it's great and worthy of a watch. It's about 38 minutes long...

So: here's to hope, change, a new day for all us. We need this. My fear is this (and it would have been the same no matter who became president) - things are so bad, so bad now that if they don't get better under a new administration: was so bad...too bad to change. Or the flip side: because things are so bad even small improvements (that might have come/happened anyway) will raise this man to hero status.

It's a thin line.
Let's hope for the latter:
I'd rather have a hero than a failure.

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