Monday, November 17, 2008


Ah...yes! They are upon us!
A time for family, friends, big meals, presents, hanging out: love, laughter, happiness.

Don't forget to really spread it.
I wonder how the people who just came to the hot meal I volunteered for this past Saturday will "celebrate". I wonder if they'll be warm, fed, have a present to give their kids (we had three kids at the meal Saturday).

My family stopped exchanging gifts (less the gifts we buy for my sisters' kids) years and years ago: we realized we were doing nothing more than exchanging candles and sweaters and pocket knives etc. I buy for my friends' kids - they're kids: need to keep the magic alive as long as possible but I no longer really exchange with friends. If I or they want/need (same goes with my family) a new sweater or a candle etc. we'll - we go out and get 'em ourselves! Keeps us from having to make returns/exchanges too!

For a of couple years my family all pitched in to "adopt" a famly for the holidays. Food for meals and gifts for the kids. We stopped a couple years ago - chaos with pregnancies, moves, a death in the family has prevented the conversation the last year or so; I'm going to inquire again - and at least do something on my own (which I have done every year that we didn't do something as a family).

What can you do?
Look around you - who is in your circle?
One year I gave a family I'm friends with a couple hundred bucks to buy gifts for their kids and maybe have a nice meal (they struggle: struggle, struggle, struggle).

Do something. Give someone else a little "magic" for the holidays.

I was born and raised catholic and now (and since i was about 11 years old) organized religion mortifies me so...I don't believe the whole "jesus is the reason for the season" stuff. I do believe that there is something about the season though - it's nearly tangible.

I also know how good it feels to help others, to make others feel good - and to give.

Think about it: what can you do to make the holidays better for someone?

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