Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cat on a Chair

This is Phoenix - her house-mate Rebound is previously mentioned!
Phoenix was my first (and last!) "foster" back in 2001. I got her after I did a home rescue of far too many animals with a Rescue Group called "Love-a-Stray" ( Needless to say I couldn't give her up (she was very, very little and got very, very sick. I had to force feed her [which took hours], have her hydrated at the was scary); you'd never know that today!

She's a pistol (and a bit of a bully to Rebound who outweighs her by about 5 lbs and still has claws!) - she's a little crazy still: still gets those bursts of energy where she goes whipping around my apartment like she's on fire: it's a riot. She likes to play fetch (honestly) and I often wake-up to find rubberbands, strings and other fetch items on and around me!

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