Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Texts and Such...

From one of my favorite website: IdealBite

Is eco-texting something that is good for you?

The Bite
Ooh yeah, it's such a rush. Saving resources with free cell phone text services that tell you the greenest options makes you feel so fine.

The Benefits

Getting down for free. These services cost nothing - you just pay your carrier's usual texting fees (usually ten cents per message).
Global healing. Get info on the go - which foods have the lowest CO2 footprint, the most sustainable fish species, and the companies with the greenest corporate policies.
Personally Speaking
The listings of the foods lowest in CO2 at the Eat Low Carbon Diet Calculator are pretty extensive, but (and we tried) it doesn't include escargot or Spam.

Wanna Try?

Bon App├ętit Eat Low Carbon Diet Calculator - text 69866 with the message lcd, followed by the name of the food (say, omelet) you're considering, and it'll send back a carbon rating and lower-carbon alternatives.

Blue Ocean Institute FishPhone - text 30644 with the message fish, followed by the variety you want to know about (example: tuna), and it'll fire back sustainability info on that species.

Climate Counts On-The-Go - text 30644 with the message cc, followed by the name of a major company (starbucks), and it'll let you know how well that organization scores on climate issues.

Bonus: Google Mobile - text google (466453), enter your starting address, then to, then your destination, and it'll send back directions - no printouts necessary.

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