Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

1) When I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher during the week and a rock star on the weekends; really.

2) I paid $1500 for my first car: it had 131,000+ miles on it. I put 67,000+ miles on it and traded it in and got $1,000. I have owned nothing but Hondas since and will probably only ever own Hondas (or Acuras!).

3) I didn’t color/highlight/dye my hair until I was 31. After I turned 32 I went red and I don’t think I’ll ever go blonde again.

4) I don’t think there’s any dad better than mine!

5) I have never wanted kids.

6) I have never changed a diaper (that’s right folks: never!)!

7) I don’t like people names for pets.

8) I don’t like long hair on guys.

9) I am hardly flexible; no matter how hard I (or my Pilates trainer) try!

10) I cried when Tim Russert died and watched hours of footage of the funeral/memorials.

11) A Praying Mantis landed on my head once.

12) I graduated ‘cum laude’!

13) I have had a car payment every month since 1997 (and still have one!).

14) I haven’t paid a car off (since my first one) before trading it in (and rolling over WAY too much negative equity! Ugh)

15) I like peanut butter but not peanuts.

16) I received an eviction notice from my dad when I was 18 years old (I still have it – which totally chaps his ass!)!

17) I’d love to be published some day!

18) My driver’s license was suspended when I was 14: yes caught driving at 14!

19) My sisters are two of my favorite people: really!

20) My older sisters’ kids will grow up without pets and that makes me really sad for them.

21) I still think my first dog (black, fuzzy mutt named Daisy) was the best dog ever.

22) I was a cheerleader! Ha! YUP! Ra-Ra!

23) I hardly ever write in cursive.

24) I want to get re-married someday but will never change my name (even to hyphenate it) again.

25) I have only called off work 3x in 12 ½ years, haven’t had a full vacation day since 1999 and am not sure I actually know how to relax…

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