Monday, February 11, 2013

Big, Bold, Stupid Steps

Just to put it out there: sometimes taking big, bold steps is a big, huge mistake.

I feel like that stupid Alanis Morissette song "Isn't it ironic...?"

Isn't it ironic that in my entire 36.5 years on this planet I had never taken a bold step. I had never done anything big or brave or outside of my comfort zone: I have been too worried about not being able to pay my bills and maintaining perfect credit and not being able to take care of my pets and not being able to help others and not being able to be secure.

Until my last (first) big, bold move I had never made/taken any big steps in life. I had never been brave, I had never thrown myself out of my comfort zone: it was far too scary and far too risky.

You know what?

Totally.not.worth it. I had high hopes and I had good intentions. Didn't matter this time around. I hope to make that matter in the near future.

So, now I know and I suppose there's that.

I really try and not be the whoa is me type (there are plenty of negative people out there) so this is just an acknowledgment that sometimes we fail. Sometimes things don't work out.

Just means you re-figure and re-group, right?

Goodnight peeps.


Bop said...

just curious about what the big step was? i like your blog, thanks for sharing!

LMK1976 said...

Ahh! I left a job I had outgrown without another, FT position in place! It has been very stressful but I find being stressed about money and being a bit happier is far better than just hating all day, every day!

Tenn Nsy said...

I know what you mean! I always need to feel that "comfort zone" but unless you step out of it, you may never succeed. I dont mean to the point of disctruction but take small steps and research then make a good wise faith based decision.
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Robo said...

I've found the best things have come from moments of private desperation. Nothing fosters creativity and energy than when you have to be that.