Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cooking Tofu

For those who have asked:

Drain tofu;
take cube out of package - wrap in papertowels (plain white - no prints!)
place on cutting board or cookie sheet
place cutting board or cookie sheet on top of cube as well
add weight to top - canned goods do well
cube should bulge but not be breaking (about 4 normal sized cans will do)
leave like this for about 20 minutes (papertowels should be soaking wet when you take this all apart)

Slice tofu
place cube on its' side
slice into 4 evenly thin squares (hint: use a non-serrated knife)
Cut into 32 pieces (if you start on a diaganol this is easy; diaganol once and again then split 'em [you'll have little pie shaped pieces])

Bake tofu
at 400 for 45min to 1 hour
watch it!
at about 35-40 minutes test it - if it still gives; you're good
excellant a little crispy too! like tofu chips!

Marinate tofu
with whatever you like

I have no specific measurements but i've done (and love)

bar-b-que sauce
mrs braggs (or soy/tamari sauce)
red wine vinegar
agave nectar (i used medium)
hot sauce
**use you own favorite brands/flavors***
added sauteed onions and garlic


white wine vinegar
agave nectar (i used light in this one)
mrs braggs (or again: soy/tamari sauce)
lemon juice
garlic (this time minced from a jar)
hot sauce

**(marinate for 20 minutes or two hours)


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