Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Seriously...can we ever get an optimal candidate for President?
I am so sick and tired of picking between the 'lesser of two evils'.
I mean...c'mon already...

Maybe we should extinguish all the political parties, have PTA moms take over (in large part) - duke out differences with other nations by pitting their toughest against our own (and sparing all the innocents), get rid of Medicare and Medicaid and create a universal healthcare plan (which isn't mind-numbing to comprehend) and penalize politicians for flapping their gums about promises, reliefs and re-gaining the American dream.

I'd also make the politicans parties responsible for picking up all the signs they stick up everywhere... I mean - isn't it the very least they can do?

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William Cooney said...

I want whatever it is you're taking!! Great post!

Hang in there. Only 2 more months till the election.