Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why and Why Not?

Why do people continue to eat meat: considering the devastating effects this has on the human body, the horrid effects (lives of torture and deaths often worse) on animals and the astonishingly horrific effects on the environment - why eat meat? It's clear and very proven the human body does not need any form of meat to survive (hello? I'm living proof!).

Why doesn't everyone recycle? C'mon folks - this is one of the easiest steps to take in being slightly responsible toward the environment! You're bagging and boxing garbage to take to the curb anyway - why not recycle? I know I'm a freak about recycling: I recycle for my 14 unit apt bldg, take all boxes, cardboards and recyclables from my sister that her city doesn't take, recycle at my office and another company on my floor often leaves their boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts etc. for me to recycle. So what?! I do it big time - why can't eveyone just do it for their own houses?

Why not eat organic? Considering it's been scientifically proven eating organic yields a softer effect on the environment and produces more healthful food - why doesn't everyone eat organic as much as possible? Sure - it can be more expensive but if you round out your diet (i.e. lose the meat) and fill it with more beneficial products/recipes etc. - you'll end up spending less! That and: HELLO??!! pesticides kill! You can't wash them all away - they're IN the foods you eat - not just on them!

Why do people continue to eat crap food? Lean Cusine, Campbell's, Burger King, Ragu, McDonald's, Heinz, Wendy's, Kraft - and on and on and on: all crap food! I will never understand how people continue to eat foods with colorings, preservatives, artificial flavorings and things they can't pronounce more or less identify. It's not hard people! Read labels (and don't be fooled by main-stream companies going organic. A lot of these companies are on the bandwagon to lower organic standards and are just in it for the buck - they're not dedicated to you or the environment...)!

Why doesn't everyone vote? Especially women? Ever hear of the Suffragettes? This didn't happen too long ago! We're obligated to be involved - to vote! I mean - come on! Most of us don't enlist, wrangle our way out of jury duty etc. - why not vote? Politics isn't the most exciting thing to happen nowadays but it is VITAL people know and appreciate what is (and potentially will be) going on. This is your life too! To all those who think one vote doesn't count: ask Al Gore!

OK - that's my mini rant for right now.
Trust me - there will be more later!

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Red said...

I can agree with you on every single subject except 1...thee organic deal.

We are a single income family and this week we had $60 to spend on groceries. $20 of that went to produce and there are 2 vegetarians in the house. So we cut it close. We actually spent $15, and do you have any idea what it is like to tell your children that this is it for the week. Once it is gone, it is gone.

If I were buying organic, I 'might' get half of what we walked away with. But until our financial situation improves, we are lucky to be able to buy fresh produce instead of canned or frozen.

Great post!!!