Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cat in a Basket

That's Rebound! Well - his ears anyway!
I am not having any profound thoughts (that I'm willing to share at this time!) so I thought I'd put up this so cute picture of one of my rescue kitties. I got Rebound when I was volunteering for the Berea Animal Rescue Fund in Berea, Ohio (http://www.bereaanimalrescue.com/) as their healthcare coordinator. Rebound came after (educated guess by the veterinarian after someone saw him by their car right after they started it up) being caught on a car engine. His neck and hind legs were ripped up pretty bad.
I babied him because he was such a sweety - surgery after surgery, days of pills, bandage changings - he took it all so well.
I went to take the casts off his little legs; he was laying in a large cage and put his little paws on my shoulder as I cut away. I knew then I had to take him home - and add him to my then compliment of three (yes - he was #4) cats!
It was a rough go but so worth it - still one of the sweetest cats ever (and a cat that sheds more than any other cat I have ever met!).


boppa said...

"rebound" such an interesting name! How is it that he became known as "rebound"?

LMK1976 said...

My Padre (i.e. "Boppa" [as he is known to his grandkids!] came up with the name)!
Talk about credit where credit is due!
I do not like people names for pets: totally against it (and hate that my niece is named after SO many dogs: Maggie!).
REBOUND - because he is orange (like a basketball) and 'rebounded' so well after all his surgeries and strife...Boppa came up with it!

Kimberly Monaco said...

ok... I LOVE people names for pets!... (yah... that's why my cat is officially Yoda Flubber Duck!)

love Rebound though... he's a sweetie!