Thursday, October 2, 2008


So - something's got to give, right?

Even my poor little IRA account has been hit - hard!
I have had the unfortunate need over the past several years to withdraw from my IRA (bad girl, bad girl!) - but it was needed - school, debt, etc. but I have not had to withdraw any funds since March '07. I have been happy to watch my little fund grow and grow.
I contribute more than the 3% match my employer offers; I nearly always have - it just makes sense.

I got my email tonight that my quarterly statement was available and all my funds values have decreased - significantly!

I'm 32 and am comfortable leaving my IRA alone and hoping that over the course of time it will grow, grow, grow. I won't contribute less, I won't withdraw the money and hide it under my mattress (though seeing a loss SUCKS and makes me want to).

That's me.

What about you? What about your family and friends?
How's your retirement?

How's your checking account? How about savings - do you even have one?

Something's got to give...
Will the "bailout" help - sure. Would we survive without it? Yes.

My message today:
be aware!
don't be one of these citizens that sits back uneducated, hoping, praying, wishing, keeping your fingers crossed etc.
VOTE (for one)
I'm a prime example of the citizen who knows a bit more about politics and their goings on than many others. I feel like I have to - as infuriating as it is.

I'm listening to the Biden-Palin debate right now.
Herein lies my favorite of all four candidates: Biden.
To me both tickets really leave something to be desired. I was a Hillary gal (still am!) through and through but Biden is the least scary, most intelligent of all of them - doesn't (by any means) make him an ideal candidate but...

Be involved
GET EDUCATED (for two)
who are you voting for and why?
running a party line? worth it?

to speak, to debate (without arguing and viciousness) - that's how we learn!

Frankly we all need to be involved and to be educated.
Are you?

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The Cooking Lady said...

My brother-in-law lost 'everything' in his 401. It stinks to be him right now.